The Garden

Many people have been there. I have been there too. But there are still some people who have not been there yet, or maybe will never find a way on how to get there. Maybe they are too blind to see the beauty of the garden and the happening events occurring inside it. Or maybe they are too proud to even turn their heads to the garden’s gate and open their eyes. The garden is so beautiful with lots of colors and interesting new and never-before-seen things or events. I must say here that the proud people will miss lots of things, just because they didn’t stop by the garden and move on to the next phase of their journey. They might be thinking it’s a waste of time to stop by, but actually they are losing their time to experience such beauty in life.

-Written by Nahda-


I was in it most of the time. Sometimes I want to be in it again and again but sometimes I  just don’t want to be there anymore.

Usually I meet her in ‘it’ and I feel her so real..till my tears fall like rain.

I was on her bed too.. I could feel her pain..ahh how could she stand that?

Of course there was nurses who helped her, but I wanted to help her myself.

I gave my caress to her. That was so lovely.

‘Love’ to me is:

Love is a bond between two parties.

To love is to bond.

To bond is to be close to each other in heart truthfully.

That’s what I think lah..

Scorpio Beauty Profile

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Of course you’ve heard all the tales of lusty Scorpio, the Sign of Sex — the escapades, the seduction, the mysterious stranger in red and black. No other Sun Sign has quite the mystique of this stinging little Scorpion. Yes, those of you born under the intense light of this Fixed Water Sign are intense and passionate, amorous and sometimes secretive.

When it comes to beauty, you wrap your sensuality around you like a long, silken robe — it envelopes your every move. Your sensuality courses through you like an electric current. While it seems as if you can’t help but exude sexual energy, there’s a softer side to you. You can be emotional and a loyal friend. You don’t go for the musky perfumes as much as you do sweeter essences like vanilla or spicy fragrances like cinnamon.

You delight in disguise and in dramatic makeovers; wigs and false eyelashes are some of the tools of your cosmetic trade. Hiding behind other personas stimulates you, and you shine when you can be a bit clever and cunning.

The power of your beauty lies within this cunning; all of your expressions of beauty possess a hidden, deeper meaning, a subtext of desire, an ulterior motive. You are at your most beautiful when you channel your sly charm to energize those around you, letting the world in on the biggest Scorpio secret of all: how good it feels to be you.

Plight N Beautiful


… can I put this…well, hi all..:)

Thanks 2 Allah for still giving me a chance to breathe n enjoy this beautiful or sometimes painful, meaningful life, so I can post this blog.

…The recent thing happen that always trigger my emotion; Nany passed away 12th Dec. 2005..(Al-Fatihah)…T.Y. From the date, I think all my life has changed. She’s a great lost. Never expect that to happen. I mean I’m not ready. Well who will? Feel like only last night we just laughing together..oaahh…this is hard…

She’s my mother, my Nany n my everything..I miss her so much now. If only I could kiss n hug her for just 1 last time…but if we talk about “if”, there’ll be no ending.

Me. Sometimes I think, I am unique..haahaa..oh common! Everyone must at least once in their lifetime think that they r the most unique person in the universe. U do. Don’t lie. Being an eurasian is something to me, am I? Is it true? Is he Italian?. Have been raised by grandparents in a Kampung with a typical Kampung’s way of life and thought also something. I love Tok n Nany.

I wish my IQ could reach 300 haahaa..they said a mixed blood people could be genius..herm…heeheek..but why I’m still here in MMU?? argghh…they r all liars… they r right, maybe I’m a slow starter ‘some said’ :D.

In my opinion, life is not always sweet. We must taste all of them. The sweetness, the sourness, the joy, the pain.. When they all mixed-up we will notice a different somewhat wonderful taste that makes it beautiful..thats how it goes. I’m not saying I’ve seen a lot in life, but at least something that taught me a lot. I’ve been trough a confusing kind of life that forced me to think. In the thinking process, I always lost in my own thought without any guide. Sometimes it makes me crazy. hahaharrhuuheeheehuahuahhahahahaaaak..see..told u. I’m a bit crazy now already.

Before I’m going mad, I think that’s all for now.

Buona giornata!




He. He really makes me feel good. Miss him.. Why I couldn’t hear it earlier?

They.. They sometimes fill my emptiness, making me feel like a child again.

But they….they somehow treat me badly… Sometimes I feel awkward while I’m with them…. They happen to make me cry…mo….most of the time.

He…Why not him? Why? He…oo…He…Come to me He…

He is somebody.

He is alive. Suddenly fall for him… but now… why it is now?

He told me what he sees in me… So sweet and sexy. I really miss Kuantan… It is weird… Life is weird… Why must we have a feeling with someone we’re not meant to be? Isn’t it weird? Isn’t it strange?…

Ya we all get a little bit weird sometimes. Ooouaaa..

I’m on the verge of going crazy… and I’m in pain.

While I am figuring out this life…

She… I hate her… She makes me feels ugly… but He saved my day by telling me that I’m smart, kind, sweet, …white..(?) huhuhu… But now he belongs to someone else, and so do I.

Where’s the Kupu? I think it’s in me.