Plight N Beautiful


… can I put this…well, hi all..:)

Thanks 2 Allah for still giving me a chance to breathe n enjoy this beautiful or sometimes painful, meaningful life, so I can post this blog.

…The recent thing happen that always trigger my emotion; Nany passed away 12th Dec. 2005..(Al-Fatihah)…T.Y. From the date, I think all my life has changed. She’s a great lost. Never expect that to happen. I mean I’m not ready. Well who will? Feel like only last night we just laughing together..oaahh…this is hard…

She’s my mother, my Nany n my everything..I miss her so much now. If only I could kiss n hug her for just 1 last time…but if we talk about “if”, there’ll be no ending.

Me. Sometimes I think, I am unique..haahaa..oh common! Everyone must at least once in their lifetime think that they r the most unique person in the universe. U do. Don’t lie. Being an eurasian is something to me, am I? Is it true? Is he Italian?. Have been raised by grandparents in a Kampung with a typical Kampung’s way of life and thought also something. I love Tok n Nany.

I wish my IQ could reach 300 haahaa..they said a mixed blood people could be genius..herm…heeheek..but why I’m still here in MMU?? argghh…they r all liars… they r right, maybe I’m a slow starter ‘some said’ :D.

In my opinion, life is not always sweet. We must taste all of them. The sweetness, the sourness, the joy, the pain.. When they all mixed-up we will notice a different somewhat wonderful taste that makes it beautiful..thats how it goes. I’m not saying I’ve seen a lot in life, but at least something that taught me a lot. I’ve been trough a confusing kind of life that forced me to think. In the thinking process, I always lost in my own thought without any guide. Sometimes it makes me crazy. hahaharrhuuheeheehuahuahhahahahaaaak..see..told u. I’m a bit crazy now already.

Before I’m going mad, I think that’s all for now.

Buona giornata!




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