The Garden

Many people have been there. I have been there too. But there are still some people who have not been there yet, or maybe will never find a way on how to get there. Maybe they are too blind to see the beauty of the garden and the happening events occurring inside it. Or maybe they are too proud to even turn their heads to the garden’s gate and open their eyes. The garden is so beautiful with lots of colors and interesting new and never-before-seen things or events. I must say here that the proud people will miss lots of things, just because they didn’t stop by the garden and move on to the next phase of their journey. They might be thinking it’s a waste of time to stop by, but actually they are losing their time to experience such beauty in life.

-Written by Nahda-


‘Love’ to me is:

Love is a bond between two parties.

To love is to bond.

To bond is to be close to each other in heart truthfully.

That’s what I think lah..